Crisis? What crisis? 

As an expert in special situations, I am recommended to my clients through my professional network. Especially when crisis countermeasures fail, stakeholders start to get nervous and important negotiations stall.

No Stone Unturned.

Originating from a German family business in the automotive industry, I also contribute extensive experience at the top management level of large listed corporates, especially in the global automotive industry. More than 25 years of successful track record – in transformation and turnaround management only – provide a solid ground for sovereignty and patina. When I come into play, the reasons for it usually date back for quite some time. Very rarely a single incident is the cause for a crisis situation. Most often, a complex chain of various circumstances lead into a distressed situation or crisis. My clients and their stakeholders trust on my professional excellence in executing sustainable counter measures. 

Don´t call us, we’ll call you! 

It has evolved over the years that I operate solely on the basis of personal recommendations from my professional network. 

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